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About me

It all started with a trip to Kerala (India) - God's own country. It all started with a Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot. The journey started from then on...

Technology always fascinated me to leap into future but Travel & Photography inspired me to live in the moment, experience it and rejoice the little things in life. 

Nikon D7200, a tripod and spectra of lenses, I set sail to distant locations capturing snapshots that inspire me to go for my next journey. Having travelled 21+ countries and experienced various cultures, I have become a firm believer in solo travel. The cafe conversations with fellow travelers, exploring the unknowns with hikers and warmth from various cultures is all I look forward to during my Solo travel. 

My latest travels have taken me to most of continental Europe - from the mighty Fjords of Norway to warm waters of Spain, American landscapes  - from nature's sculptures in Utah/Arizona to the golden sunsets of California and hustle bustle of South east Asia - colors of India to fast lanes of China. And guess what more travel itineraries still in the planning....


As a wise soul once said, its about the journey not the destination. 

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